Modbury--Challaborough--Averton Gifford--Calancombe Vineyard 26/6/22  Trevor Bradshaw

   A bit thin on the ground today, just 4 of us, Myself & Sue + Andy & Dave, on this overcast day but with the promise of sunshine. Andy had encountered a shower riding in from Plympton, first thing this morning it was bright blue sky's. It seems funny arriving at the start of a ride & not seeing Graham B. waiting there, hope your recovery after the knee operation is going well.
  We set off joining the lanes through Filham heading for Sheepham Bridge, then it was our first steep hill up to Modbury. Then along Barrack road & to pass St Georges church & join the lanes again. Next it was another very steep hill, I normally avoid this, but I thought everyone was on ebikes & hills do not usually worry me, so what the heck!! But I had forgot how steep it was, & with the lane being a bit wet, my back wheel was slipping trying to get traction, Andy found himself in wrong gear & had to walk. So must remember to give it a miss in future. Now we where on the lanes heading for Shearlangstone ( upper & lower) Passing the edge of Kingston & on our way to Ringmore then Challaborough. We decided to have our first stop here & have a chat with the Brummie owner, who we hadn't seen for over a year. The sun was now shining but it was blowing a hooley, so tried to seek a bit of shelter.
 After refreshment's, it was to tackle the climb & newly constructed coastal path up to Bigbury-on Sea, then the long climb up to Bigbury village. Myself, Dave & Andy admitted we had never done this climb before, always coming the other way downhill, so something else to tick off & never do it again. In the village we passed St Lawrence's Church to join Stakes Hill lane  & the nice downhill stretch to the Avon Estuary road for Averton Gifford. Passing through the park at Averton then the hill up to the main road, which we stayed on for about 800 yds. before hanging a right to join the Sustrans route 28. We followed this to Longdon Cross, with happy memories of when Andy Easton used to ride with us. Andy decided he needed to relieve himself here in a field, saw some horses, went to stroke them with his willy still out & caught it on an electric fence. There where many expletives yelled (not like Andy to swear)
 Relating these happy memories to my fellow rides, it was time to head off again towards Chillaton Cross, then Hangmans Cross, before joining some narrow lanes for Calancombe Vineyard. We where greeted by Lance the owner, who made us very welcome, & got me chatting about our old military days. After sitting in the sunshine & enjoying some excellent coffee,(couldn't afford the wine) it was time to join the narrow lane again, up to hit the California Cross road. From here after a bit of main `B` road, it was the quiet lanes back to Ivybridge.
  Here Sue & I said are goodbyes to Dave & Andy, to tackle one last hill to get back home with just over 32 miles on the machine.


  Seaton--Looe--Watergate--Duloe--Liskeard--Trerulefoot  19/6/22 Larry Clarke



   Riders-Trevor, Dave & myself. Weather-Overcast, cool temperatures, Dry & Breezy. Start location- Trerulefoot PL12 5BL.

  Only three out today, but we all enjoyed ourselves. The usual route to Seaton & Looe. Here we stopped for refreshments in the first pub as you enter East Looe. The lady serving us coffee said it was free as it was Father's Day, so that was an unexpected bonus.
  Soon on our way again, we went rough stuffing it through the woods in West Looe (Here I caught sight of Trevor walking his bike) to come out at Watergate. Then onwards & upwards (Three separate chevrons in very close proximity 1 in 7 to 1 in 5) to pass through the village of Duloe (Graham’s Stone Circle). After the village, we took the first left to Dobwalls. This country road has a good surface which gave us all a good fast ride to Dobwalls. Here we decided to cut our losses & go through British Columbia (lots of pine forest) to Liskeard & seek refreshments in the King Doniert, Wetherspoon pub.
  Suitably refreshed, the three of us took the usual route back to Trerulefoot via Pengover Green, Doddycross & Bethany. With 30.3miles done, & it stayed dry, which was a bonus.


 Shilston--ringfeeder cafe--south brent /andy prideaux 12/6/22


There were eight of us at the start, meeting at the green triangle on  the top of the Ridgeway. The destination of this week's ride was the Ring feeder at California Cross. Having ridden to the Hunting Lodge we were met by Trevor who had devised a new route more suited for cycling and away from traffic, which in a way was  more appropriate and took the strain off me being the leader. On arriving at Shilston Manor, our first feat of the day we were confronted with some green laneing which one or two of us weren't over impressed with, but we all managed it with some relief! Some more than others. Our next encounter was taking a wrong turning at Brownston which ended in a cul-de-sac, however that was soon rectified, and we were soon on the B3196 our first stop of the day this being the Ring feeder cafe at California Cross. Our refreshments were taken in a marquee and seating was on straw bails and old pallets adapted into tables. Different to say the least and somewhat ingenious.

The return journey took us through North Huish onto Avonwick and South Brent where we stopped for further refreshments sitting outside in the noon sunshine. On arriving home, I had clocked up 36 miles, an enjoyable day in good company.


   Joint ride with (SDCTC) from Bovey Tracey  5/6/22  Trevor Bradshaw

   We all assembled at Bovey Tracey cricket club on a rather damp day, good attendance from Plymouth CTC, 10 of us in all. Martin Wheeler, the new club secretary for SDCTC, was there to great us. Geoff Sharp rolled up with about 6 of the South Devon lot. Much discussion of where to ride, Geoff said his lot had just ridden along part of my route from Kingskerswell, so didn't really want to retrace their route, so we decided to let him lead off and head for Canonteign Falls. Unfortunately, their type of riding is different from ours, they favour main roads. So it was the `B` road up to Chudleigh Knighton, then the main drag up the Teign valley. I managed to persuade him to come off that road to go through the nice village of Trusham, & some other nice lanes in a more scenic route to Canonteign Falls. He was more worried about hills, I said the Plymouth group had no problem with hills, we have been up the best in the two counties.

 Arriving at the Falls, we had to get free entry to enter the cafe, then it was tucking into Tea, Coffee & cake, our `B` riders, Graham J. & Graham R, had their usual full breakfast. We had a good convivial chat, Geoff said his lot would be heading back, they had, had enough of the hills. Martin & Niccy decided to carry on with us, with Martin leading the way to Moretonhampstead. Again mostly `B` roads, passing through the nice wooded area of Dunsford, which meant climbing a long hill - good job Geoff had gone back!! It wasn't a bad route with some scenic views, & some nice thatch cottages on the way. We arrived in Moretonhampstead from a different direction than usual, & found a nice cafe, after getting a bollocking for leaving our bikes against the wall & blocking the pavement, we grabbed tables for our second refreshment stop.

 I volunteered to lead the next leg back to Bovey, & having had our fill of `B` roads, decided to go down the Wray Valley trail to Lustleigh, then pick up the old railway track back to Bovey. A good day was had by all, although a bit damp at times, we arrived back at the cricket club. There was a mixed match in progress between the Women's & Men teams - pity Dave N. couldn't make today, he would have enjoyed watching it, don't know if Larry would be as keen. We had just 30.6 miles on the clock, Martin said he enjoyed the get together & perhaps next time they would come over our way.


   ​After sharing the route for the first time I had mixed feelings as I picked Larry up for the drive to Plusha. I suppose I wondered whether we really needed a ride leader when everyone was aware of the route in advance! On the other hand, if people have the technology, they will, obviously, want to use it and, let's face it, we do seem to lose riders from time to time! Anyway, even without Rob and Brenda there were six of us at the start -Trev, Dave O, Graham, Bonny, Larry and myself - as we set off through the usual lanes to Altarnun where, instead of the usual rustic route through the pretty ford and Bowithick, we took the slightly more direct one to the edge of Davidstow Moor and right along the first of two turnings to Hallworthy where we suddenly encountered more traffic. After 2 miles of the B3262 it was on to the busy A39 for a few hundred metres to the cafe by the old Otterham station where we had our coffee stop. This seems to be a popular meeting place for bikers and there were many beautiful machines parked outside including Harleys and Indians.

After our caffeine fix, we were soon climbing up to the edge of the north coast with amazing panoramic views. It got even better as we swooped down towards Crackington Haven. After a brief look we were soon heading up the long, steep hill where we doubled back to the iconic, cliff-side churchyard of St. Genny's to eat our sandwiches. It would be difficult to find a better spot for a picnic amidst the gravestones, with Lundy floating in and out of view (this is why we continue with car-assisted rides!) Rather reluctantly we left the churchyard behind and continued up the hill to one of the few pubs in the area at Wainhouse Corner back on the Atlantic Highway, where we washed down our lunch with various alcoholic beverages. We were very fortunate with the weather as, yet again, we sat outside in rather pleasant sunshine. Once outside and back on our bikes, it suddenly felt cold as we headed east towards Canworthy Water. The temperature improved slightly as we headed south through Splatt and Three Hammers. Instead of our usual route when in these parts (via Laneast and Gimblett's Mill ) we opted for a little known bridle road from Tregeare to the A395 just north of Trewin. I had a suspicion that this short route of almost two miles may be private property, so it was agreed that unless there were locked gates we would give it a go! (the road alternative was a further one and a quarter miles and a'chevron. We continued along this delightful tract of countryside, but suddenly realised that Dave O. was missing. We discovered later that he was turned back by a woman who informed him that the road WAS private! Trev told him to continue by road back to the car, which was about seven miles away. Unfortunately, the weather was deteriorating, and it began to rain quite heavily, which made the last few miles rather unpleasant. Hailstones rather prevented our usual fond farewells as some of us beat a hasty retreat home! In spite of this it was a good ride in less familiar countryside with almost 37 miles on the clock.
PS  Poor Dave O. got rather lost and seemed to go round in circles and eventually arrived in Altarnun at 5 pm having done almost 50 miles! Sorry Dave. 


  Leader: Graham Black
  Trevor Bradshaw
  Sue Bradshaw
  David Newman
  David Oatway

Start Torpoint Ferry

 It was a sunny, bright day, and it was good to see that we were not the only cyclist on the ferry, out to enjoy the day.
 We first headed towards Tregantle Fort direction via Antony and St John using the car free quiet back lanes. Then down to Seaton for our first stop of the day, sitting outside in the sun looking out at the mill pond calm sea. Lots of people & dogs frolicking on the beach.
 Refreshed, it was then the steep Monkey hill up to No Mans Land, David left us at this point for an evening of entertainment with friends & "Gyles Brandreth", then we worked our way to Menheniot, going over the busy A38.
 In the village, Trevor took some photos of the church and the information board, telling the story of the Tin mining history of the area.
 The next part of the journey was a pleasantly green landscape with blue skies and colourful steep banks and hedges, as we went through the lanes to Heskyn Mill.
 St Germans was the next stop, where we had a pleasant stay at the new Stable Yard Cafe in Port Eliot Park where sitting outside in the sunshine taking in the equestrian ambience. There was a local "Canter in the Country" event going on & we encountered lots of horse boxes on our climb from Heskyn Mill.

 It was then the route along the A374 to the ferry, trying not to upset the motorist too much! Nearly forty miles on the clock and I think we all agreed, a good day out. 


 Riders-Bonny, Dave, Graham, Trevor & myself. Weather-Sunny spells, Windy on the Moors & finished in drizzle. Location-Layby at Plusha.

  Nice to see Bonnie at the start. She was out on her first ride with me as ride's leader. Soon underway, we sailed through Alternun, then climbed up onto Bodmin Moor. Just before the hamlet of Bowithick Bonnie, Graham & Trevor went sailing through the ford in the River Penpont. Soon after we all raced across Davidstow Moor (Or rather I did) to turn left & go through a heavily wooded area, then passing Crowdy Reservoir on our left (Looking rather nice with the sun glinting on it). Now we all enjoyed quiet lanes pleasantly undulating all the way to Churchtown for a refreshment stop outside the Village shop & pub called the Old Inn. 
 Underway again, we all now enjoyed a nice downhill section, all the way to Tresarrett. Soon after which, we all turned left & began the long climb up to pass through Whitecross, & then over the relatively new bridge across the A30. Soon after, dropping down now to go through the picturesque village of Millpool. Then on up to the crossroads (With its granite-based signpost) & then turned left to go through Mount & on to St Neot to take refreshments at the London Inn, (Seated outside in full sunshine enjoying the lovely Rhododendron shrubs in the church grounds). 
 We were on our way again, we had a lovely undulating route all the way to Minions & stopped here to see the damage done to the pub (Which burnt out in a fire last December). Now we passed along familiar lanes to North Hill village, then on to do some much-needed rough stuff just before the finish at Plusha (Here Bonny showed the boys how to go right across the ford in the River Lynher, not once but 3-4 times). 41.2 miles on the clock & I knew I had done it.


5 of us meet at the station car park on this amended ride, as had to cancel yesterday because of weather. Today was overcast with more promise of showers, although better forecast than Sunday. The riders were, Myself, Sue, Andy, Dave O. & Bonney, she made an impressive entrance by throwing herself off her bike in front of us, but no damage done to herself or bike, she dusted herself down & was ready for the off.
​   We made our way to the outskirts of Filham, joining the lanes & heading for the ridge road, here we carried on passed Ludbrook Manor to the turning for Shilstone Manor. Myself, Andy & Bonney stopped by the lakes to discover we had lost Sue & Dave, my phone went off & it was Dave asking where we were. They finally rejoined us after much chuntering from Sue, so gave them something else to moan about by taking them off-road on a climb up to the next lane. It was then up to Hangman Cross to join the undulating road down to Aveton Gifford. Here we took a detour through the park before joining the main road to cross the river Avon, then turning off on the estuary lane for Venn. We carried on this well tested route to the garden centre at Avon Mill for our first stop.
   This was quite busy with bank holiday Monday trippers, but we found a table under the outside canopy to enjoy our drinks & cake, with the local bird population hopping around the tables looking for crumbs. They didn't have much luck at our table, as all the cake & crumbs were scoffed down.
   Dragging ourselves away from this nice stop, it was out to tackle the steady climb up to Woodleigh. We now encountered the first drops of rain, so it was on with waterproof tops. Carrying on along this nice road towards Preston, except for a small diversion along a quiet lane with grass up the middle, away from this sometimes busy yellow road. From Preston, it was on the long downhill stretch to the Gara Bridge road, with an abundance of Bluebells to admire. They are now out in full bloom, & we passed lots of Bluebell woods in their splender. From Gara Bridge, it was the steady climb up to California Cross, to join the  busy road to our second stop at the Ring Feeder farm shop/cafe. This again was busy with lunchtime feeders, but we grabbed a table in the outside Marquee. More coffee & cake were consumed, and now the heavens had started to really open up. But a lovely place to sit and wait it out till it abated somewhat.
   With the rain now eased off, it was time to tackle the final leg, & the busy road heading towards the Ugborough/Avonwick road. We turned off into lanes again before hitting this road, welcome relief from all the cars flashing by. I took all the well-tried lanes back to Ivybridge to say our goodbyes to everyone, & for Sue & I to tackle one last hill to get back home. We had cracked about 30 miles & not got too wet, but in good company.